Messengers will manage a smart house

Applications for messaging are becoming increasingly multifunctional. In addition to video calls and photo sharing, we can make plans for the future through Facebook Messenger and even make purchases through applications such as WeChat. Developing team of Line, a messaging application known for its cute stickers and artificial intelligence efforts, at IFA 2018 has demonstrated its plans to integrate the Internet of things into the messenger.

The platform for managing home devices, which is called Line Things, is tightly integrated into the messenger. As in the messenger itself, Line Things uses the distance reduction principle in the new platform. This means that the company is working to make the complex world of intelligent home products easier and more accessible with an application that is very popular in several parts of the world. Instead of a lot of applications and hundreds of individual notifications coming into the smartphone, the user will have only one familiar source from which he can communicate with friends and manage home devices.

Messengers will manage a smart house

The platform is still at the earliest stages of development and does not yet have compatible devices, so the demonstration at IFA was aimed to show the concept of the idea using smartphones and tablets. For example, the company showed how the application can manage the care of the plant. You can choose the type of your plant, and Line Things will assign health points for plants that vary depending on the amount of light, water and ambient temperature. This makes it easy to take care of a plant through an understanding of its environment. Changes are made using sliders and are checked by cute emoji in the corner of the application screen, which show the potential outcome of your care.

The company also showed the work of Line Things with a connected microwave, where cooking instructions can be found on the Internet and automatically sent to the microwave. Instead of a special application that requires installation, the control is performed via the same Line messenger. Another advantage is notification. Instead of several applications, all notifications from different devices come to one application, in which it is easy to control them. Smart home systems for most users seem to be something very complicated and confusing. The Line Things platform wants to fix this by offering users a familiar messenger interface that is used by almost everyone today.

Line also has its own line of smart speakers available in Japan, which potentially adds voice control through Line Things. According to Line, the company plans to launch Line Things in the first half of 2019, and first it will be available in the main messaging application markets in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. If the platform becomes successful, Line intends to launch Line Things around the world.