Who is these DevOps engineers? How To Become a DevOps Engineer

In this article, I tell you about what should do an IT specialist for becoming a successful DevOps engineer. Won’t take me long to get to the bottom of this mystery.

What does DevOps mean?

DevOps – it’s short for Development Operations it’s also not really name of profession.

It is the cultural, methodology, if you like. The DevOps movement emerged at 2008 and was intended to solve the accumulated problems. A lot of companies saw a problem in the interaction of development and maintenance team. Developers believed if a code is run locally, it will run in production without problems. However, if problems had appeared maintenance team would have spoken: “it is a problem with the code, Let  developers deal with it!”

As a result of this approach, product releases are constantly delayed and quality suffering of the final product. Many changes rolled out in one release, it very impacted, and nobody didn’t know caused problems in production.

DevOps had been designed to solve this problem. as an integrating link between development and maintenance teams.

In DevOps culture can be distinguished several roles:

Build Engineer – the man who responsible code assembly, pulling dependencies in code, parsing code conflicts – its all about him.

Release Engineer – he responsible for code delivery from development to production

Automation Engineer – it is an automation engineer. He automates anything that moves, all. And even things that no moves. This is a key role in DevOps approach.

Minimal knowledge for DevOps Engineer

If say truly there are no strict requirements.

But you will feel better on interviews if you have these skills:

  1. Senior/Middle System Administrator (complete a basic course of Linux)
  2. Networking – CCNA
  3. Junior developer. yes! you have to understand how a code creates. A lot of fo people can disagree with me, but how you will find a weak spot in architecture if don’t know how it is work?

But the most important thing is to throw yourself into work, and you will definitely become a great  DevOps specialist and good at your job.